You can support the Fudge Five several ways:

1. Prayer support – Your prayers are always welcome for our family and ministry.  Continue to check out the blog for prayer requests and praises.

2. Financial support – You can donate to our budget or to a specific project being done at Fort White.  We will post projects that are in progress on the blog to keep you updated.  If you do want to donate for a specific project, please email us and let us know.

3. Encouraging Notes – A quick note of encouragement on this site would always lift our spirits.  Please feel free to leave a comment any time.


One Response to Support

  1. claudia kelley says:

    Hey Fudges,

    We miss you so much, and will look forward to seeing you soooooon! Practicing for Easter tonight, big crowd. I hope we will have time to catch up when you are here. Maybe you can come for dinner one night. Kent makes a mean hamburger! Be safe and have a good trip. Love you all and all that you are doing.


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