Another wonderful Thanksgiving in which we are thankful.

We have had a busy two months with family visits and a team from the Journey Church in New York City coming to Fort White.  Bob and Janet Conrad, Becky’s dad and step-mom, came for 2 weeks in October.  We were spoiled with a trip to Cape Town and a drive through Addo Elephant Park to see numerous elephants, kudo and lions.  Then they spent a week at Fort White to see what we do everyday.  I believe the highlight of their trip was getting to go to the high school near our house and praying with the grade 12 students before their big test as they end their school year.

Then we had Philip’s dad and step-mom with his aunt and uncle visit for a few weeks.  They were here over the week that the young adults from the Journey Church were here.  This week was also the week of Thanksgiving.  On Thanksgiving, we feed over 300 people in Dimbaza.  We had such a great time blessing children and adults with a meal on a day that we, as Americans, stop and thank God for everything He has given us.  We then had a Thanksgiving meal ourselves with 56 people at Fort White.  We had people from America, Switzerland, Mexico, Zimbabwe and South Africa (Afrikans and Xhosa) attending, all brothers and sisters in Christ.

We also were able to help a church in Dimbaza with their revival that was starting while the team was here.  From that revival, we have heard that 15 people have made a profession of faith and many more were interested in learning more.  To God be the Glory!!!

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2 Responses to Another wonderful Thanksgiving in which we are thankful.

  1. Marketa Cross says:

    I have now read them all and you all know my daughter from last year. Last year I invited myself and she ignored me, this year she invited me. We will see you in January. How hot is it going to be? I am hot already and there is snow on the ground in Wisconsin and I’ve not been cold yet except a few nights Blessings, Marketa

    • fudgemom says:

      It all depends on the day. Since it will be summer when you get here, it could be up to 100 degrees F. But if we get any clouds or rain, it will cool it down 20 or 30 degrees. The best bet is to pack layers. It could be 60 degrees when we wake up, 90 degrees by mid day and then drop back down into the 60s by the evening. It’s always good to have a jacket on hand. Can’t wait to meet you in January. My mom is also coming with you guys.

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