Today starts a new venture…

Today, about 25 people showed up at Fort White to start agriculture and building classes.  We have been partnering with a lady from Ngcamngeni who wants to help the people in the near by villages to have a skill and be able to create a business for themselves.

Mugamet and Siyanda will be training people in building, plumbing, flooring, painting and other building skills.  Festas will be training people in agriculture.  He will also be using the Farming God’s Way curriculum that not only teaches how to farm but it teaches what God says about how to take care of the earth that He has given us.

Soon to come will be sewing, wood working and baking classes.  As we give a hand to the people in the neighboring villages, may they see the love of God being poured out upon them and come to know the saving grace of our heavenly Father.

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One Response to Today starts a new venture…

  1. AMAZING! God be with you all!

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