It’s been a while…

since I’ve written here.  I guess that I feel that my monthly email to everyone tells everything that is happening here maybe no one reads the blog.  I’m sorry if some of you don’t get my email and would like to know what’s going on here at Fort White.  Here is a quick list of things that are happening here right now:

Agriculture – Philip and Festas are working hard to prepare the ground for our spring planting.  With two bore holes dug and one with a pump and piping, we are hoping that the crops will live this year.  We are taking to the produce to sell in the villages and in King Williams Town, as well as helping groups by giving them some of our produce.  Just the other day, they took a truck full of spinach and beets to a home for mentally handicapped children.  This a home where people have dropped off their kids because they didn’t know what to do with them.  The workers there are all volunteers and work on money given to them through grants and gifts.  They were thrilled to have fresh vegetables for their kids.

School: We do not have a school here yet, but we are helping some of the school children that live close by.  We have a group of grade 11 kids who come for math tutoring with Philip 4 days a week.  We also pick up 16 grade 7 kids to teach them computer and science lessons.  There has been talk of starting a pre-primary school here at some point but it is still in the works.

Pastoral training: Collin Tomlinson has started a pastoral training class on Saturdays for the local pastors in the area.

We are still praying for guidance as to what God wants happening here at Fort White.  We will have different teams come out in the next few months who will help at Fort White and in the villages near by.  We continue to renovate the buildings at Fort White with the expectancy that God has big plans for this place and the people’s lives that live near here.  Stay tuned to see what will happen.

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